Welcome to Casa Inspiración, an original lodging concept in one of the most exotic locations on Mexico's Pacific coast.

Located just 15 kilometers from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Casa Inspiración is an exclusive hideaway that combines traditional local architecture, global cuisine, fitness boot camps, and exceptional service. Explore the exotic wonders of the Oaxaca coast or simply unwind and leave your worries behind at Casa Inspiración.

The Palapa

The spacious palapa serves as the heart of Casa Inspiración. 

This rendition of the traditional Pacific Basin architectural element showcases an enlarged 14x14 meter structure, maintaining traditional proportions while seamlessly blending into the landscape. The double-braided palm leaves and wood light fixtures exude a lush and uniform texture, adding to the palapa's allure.

The Pool

Immerse yourself in our elegantly composed pool, spanning a length of 20 meters. Day or night, the panoramic view of the ocean and open landscape adds a dramatic touch to this leisure space.

Enjoy swimming or relax in the various chill-out areas surrounding the pool

an inspiring environment

The Office

Your dream space

The Peace Room

Escape to our air-conditioned library-living area, offering a home cinema, ample chill-out spaces, an impressive collection of art and design books, and an intimate panoramic view of one of the interior gardens.

If you seek a comfortable workspace, Casa Inspiración provides the perfect spot. Our peaceful office invites you to focus on your projects while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.  

This was our 2nd stay at Casa Inspiracion and it was even better than the first...The property...a fantasy of white with sublime breezes and chic furnishings...The staff...hard working people who genuinely seem happy to see you each day...The Food...Chef Güera exceeded our expectations and worked with our desire of fresh fruits, salads and low carb meals. 

-John O

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Step away from the chaos and unwind in the peaceful oasis of Casa Inspiración. It's a place to find your inner calm, work in an inspiring setting, and refresh your mind and body.

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